Our first call of the week before 8am on Monday; an injured foal lying in the bushes, thought to have been attacked with all the flesh exposed to its flank quarters and puncher marks around its throat.

I responded immediately not knowing much at all about rescuing a foal!  At first I couldn’t find it and called the lady who had made the call to get more directions.  When on foot I noticed some movement from behind a bush.  There she was!  In such a sorry state, very distressed; I could hear her mother calling and she was trying to get up in response.

I could see she was caught on the barbed wire and it was this that had done all the damage.  I phoned the vet and while making the call a guy stopped in his pickup to ask what I had found; when I showed him the foal he said he and his friend had been searching for her.  She was only 4 weeks old, they spoke to the vet too and said they felt she would need to be put down.  I left her in their capable hands as they freed her from the wire and lifted her into the pickup.