There are several ways to help. It could be a couple of hours every three months or as and when you have the time. We would be very grateful for any assistance.

1. Fostering – As we don’t have a shelter to house sick or vulnerable animals we rely on volunteers to look after them until they are fit and healthy enough to be adopted. This is very rewarding; seeing them grow from a pathetic state to a healthy, happy soul.

2. Fundraising – If you are interested in helping to organise new events, we would like to hear from you.

3. Quarterly Market – We hold a market every three months selling donated goods. We would be very happy to have extra volunteers to: 1. Transport goods to the venue. 2. Sell the goods on the day. 3. Bake a cake for us to sell.

4. Transporting – We transport animals to and from the veterinary hospital three/four times a week and we would be very grateful for some more help.

If you are interested in volunteering in any area please contact us.